Custom-Made Foot Orthoses
Klaveness Lab are producing custom-made foot orthoses for people that have problems with their feet. We provide these through specially selected shops that have acquired the knowledge and skills to work with particular medical conditions.
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What is a Custom-Made Foot Orthosis, and why should you use one?
A custom-made foot orthosis can be designed and manufactured to help manage certain common medical conditions that can cause pain or discomfort during walking, running and other everyday activities.
For example, you may have heard talk about "excessive pronation" or "supination" of the foot. In some cases foot problems like these, when neglected, can lead to debilitating back pain. These are just two of the conditions that can cause problems for you and limit your ability to enjoy life to the full. With proper assessment, custom-made foot orthoses can easily solve these issues.
If you are active in sports, custom-made foot orthoses can not only help your body copy with the extra stress and demands of high performance, but provide you with the "edge" to excel. If you would like to discuss a foot problem with a specialist near you, please click on the "where" button.

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